Who is Charash Renovations?

My name is Travis Martin and beside me is, of course, my lovely bride, Heidi. I remember well the first tiling project my father and I ever completed. It was a small screened-in porch. While the finished product looked phenomenal, and still does to this day, I clearly recall turning to my dad in exhaustion and saying, "I will NEVER tile for a living!" I would later learn that most professional tilers shared that sentiment. Like a fine cheese, my skill improved with time and I began to love the artistic nuances of quality tile work. 

Prior to Charash Renovations, I was an airline pilot with ExpressJet Airlines. Did my twelve years as a pilot help me to be a better tile installer? No, God took care of that. What it did was develop my professionalism and integrity, which enables me to serve my customers to their complete satisfaction. When you hire Charash Renovations, you are not just hiring a tile installer, you are inviting me into your home and entrusting it to my hands. This is not something I take lightly. In fact, I consider it a great honor.

So what is "Charash"? As you saw at the top of the page, charash is the transliteration (that is, the phonetic spelling of a non-English word) of a Hebraic word meaning craftsman or artisan. It was first used in Exodus 31 to speak of those who were called and specifically gifted by God to build the first Tabernacle as the nation of Israel wandered the desert. Each person was blessed with a unique gift: some for metal work, some for fabric work, some for stone work. I was gifted with this skill and it is a gifting that I treasure. When I work, I do it to the glory of the One who enabled me in the first place. If you are not religious or don't believe in God, this still works to your benefit because your shower, floor, or countertop will look amazing. I guarantee it.