Tile Installation

Tile installation is the foundation of Charash Renovations. This is where artistry and science come together. This is where the beauty of your new space comes alive. We follow very strict industry standards, both in technique and process, to ensure complete quality. It is our pursuit to go beyond the "how" to understand the "why" of these standards.


The Right materials

While you only see the final product, we employ the right materials for the job. This involves using the right mortar for the tile and the floor underneath. It involves selecting the right underlayment to properly support the tile to be set. It involves using the best spacing for the tile size selected. It involves using a leveling system if the tile requires it. Every material is selected intentionally to bring about the best final product possible.


Full Renovations

Sometimes you just need a new shower, but sometimes every square inch needs attention. In cooperation with Hayes Renovations, we can handle all aspects of a full renovation, from permitting, project management, all the way through completion. We have selected and vetted some of the best trades people in Atlanta to ensure that your project goes smoothly, on schedule and produces space the you envisioned from the beginning.




Tub Conversions

Builders love fiberglass shower inserts. They are cheap and look okay when they are new. Unfortunately, they yellow over time and cheapen the look of the whole space. We can replace your tub and install a tile surround that will enhance the elegance of the room. Inset niches can replace the soap dish and give the space an uncluttered look.



Shower Rebuild

Methods of the past for building a shower had many problems. Even when the tile looks relatively clean for its age, the wall board behind it can be riddled with mold. Methods and technology over the past two decades have improved the matter, but installation requires significant know-how and as a result, many shower pans are holding a gallon or more water at all times, even when the shower hasn't been used in days.


Fret not! Plumbing is rightfully of great concern for most people. We employ the best, state licensed plumbers available. They are professional and cost competitive.

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